The Society's 1875 Awards for 2014

The 1875 Awards, named after the year the Society was founded, were presented at our Autumn meeting on Saturday 11 October 2014. The award for an outstanding contribution to natural history in Hertfordshire was presented to Peter Delaloye and the award for an outstanding Hertfordshire Naturalist was presented to Andrew Harris.

A wonderful wildlife summer

Ron Baber, who joined the Herts Natural History Society at the start of this year, has spent the summer watching and learning about wonderful wildlife on his doorstep. He shares his story with us...........

This time last year I knew virtually nothing about Dragonflies, Damselflies or Butterflies,  - apart from what I could recall from my childhood in Essex. I'm 61 now so the memories are dim and distant. However, this spring and summer I determined to reacquaint myself with those memories and hopefully add a few new ones in the process.

Willow Emerald Damselfly - first for Hertfordshire

A new species of Damselfly for Hertfordshire, the beautiful Willow Emerald Damselfly, Lestes viridis, was discovered by Darren Bast on the Dragonfly trail at Amwell Nature Reserve on 3rd September. This is the first fully authenticated Hertfordshire record of this species.

Celebrating one million moth records in Hertfordshire

One of Hertfordshire?s longest running 'citizen science projects' has generated over one million records of moths in the county.
'Citizen Science' allows anyone with an interest to have direct involvement in serious scientific projects.

?Our one millionth moth was contributed by Graeme Smith, who found a Hazel Blister Moth (Phyllonorycter coryli), hibernating in equipment storage bins at Hayter?s Lawnmowers in Spellbrook, where he runs the paint shop.