Barry Reed had another excellent dragonfly find on 18th July 2016 when he found a male Lesser Emperor (Anax parthenope) at Amwell Nature Reserve, in Tumbling Bay.

This species was first recorded in Hertfordshire in July 2006 when a pair was seen at Hilfield Park Reservoir and one visited Wilstone Reservoir. There have since been further records at Hilfield Park Reservoir, but the species has remained a rare visitor to Hertfordshire.

This individual, which Barry managed to get the attached record shot of, is the first record for Amwell Nature Reserve bringing the number of species of dragonfly and damselfly that have been recorded at this site to 25.

There was no sign of the Lesser Emperor at Amwell on the 19th July, but a male Green-eyed/Norfolk Hawker (Anaciaeshna isosceles) was present in Tumbling Bay (Roy Woodward, Tricia Thompson et al. This species was first recorded in Hertfordshire at Amwell last year, when at least two males and a female were seen. Larvae take two years to mature so it is surprising to find another one at the same site this year.

Elsewhere, also on 19th July, Steve Murray reported two male Lesser Emperors at Hilfield Park Reservoir, and Barry Reed found Scarce Emerald Damselflies (Lestes dryas) at Patmore Heath.