With great sadness we have learned of the death of the eminent Hertfordshire geologist John Catt, aged 78.

John worked on soil research at Rothamsted Research and was an Honorary Professor of Geography at University College London. He was county recorder for geology for many years until 2016. Importantly, he was also the contributing editor of our critically acclaimed book Hertfordshire Geology and Landscape.

The need for a book linking geology to other aspects of natural history was first mooted by the HNHS in 1950. As a leading light of the Hertfordshire Geology Society, John inherited the huge task in 1973, which he was not able complete until after his retirement from Rothamsted. Since publication in 2010 the book has been re-printed twice, with the need for a further re-print being currently considered.

Prof Catt's achievement was honoured by the Society in 2013 with its 1875 Award for an outstanding contributor to natural history in Hertfordshire.

St. Stephen?s church near his home in St Albans was filled to capacity for his funeral on Thursday 21 December.