Common Frog ? Anna Marrett

Surveying for the Hertfordshire Mammal, Amphibian and Reptile Atlas project (Herts MARA) has entered its final year ? and special efforts are being made to ensure we finish with the best possible county-wide coverage.

Please be sure to submit your sightings, including roadkill, tracks and other signs such as molehills. Records of common species like Grey Squirrel and Rabbit are needed as well as those that are less usually seen. As spawning gets underway, the MARA team are also keen to hear from pond owners about any frogs, toads or newts.

Records can be submitted via this website, where the mapping system has recently been upgraded, making it even easier to generate a grid reference for sightings. Information about the species that have so far been identified in individual tetrads is also available. By checking, you could become the first person to record a particular species in your locality!

 If you are willing to travel, you can also help the project by visiting the few remaining tetrads where there has been little or no monitoring to date. For further information email:  

Photo: Common Frog in a Rickmansworth pond ?Anna Marrett