The butterfly season is well underway and our beautiful new book Butterflies of Hertfordshire and Middlesex has been gathering fresh plaudits ? including strong endorsement from natural history diarist Rupert Evershed.

Writing his monthly column in the Herts Advertiser he describes the book, by county recorder Andrew Wood as: " outstanding and thorough record of our local butterflies, but also a fantastically helpful and practical guide to actually going out and finding butterflies for yourself."

Small Blue (photo: Andrew Wood)Rupert adds: "The subject matter lends itself to colourful glossy photos meaning that the book is at home on anyone's coffee table, but for me it has the lure ofa travel brochure...inviting me out into the meadows, woods and hills depicted in the guide alongside the clear site maps."

Click here to read more about Butterflies of Hertfordshire and Middlesex : currently available from HNHS for ?25 (plus p&p) ? a saving of ?9 on the recommended retail price.