You may have noticed that we have updated some of the bird pages of the HNHS website. Although the previous site operated well it was overdue an upgrade.

Many of the changes are behind the scenes technical updates to make the site more robust and easy to administer but there are some key changes and new features that we would like to bring to your attention.

Record Submission

This has remained largely the same as before with a few new features:

  • New option to receive your submitted records via email in a csv file.
  • New automatic email with additional details required for sightings of Herts and National Rarities.
  • New optional field to record the 6 digit grid reference of the sighting. This can be manually entered or auto-filled using the map.
  • New map feature to auto-fill the new grid reference field. Please note there may be an issue using the map on some mobile handsets. It is recommended to zoom out prior to opening the map.
  • Count field is now numeric only. Characters such as 'c' or '+' cannot be submitted. Instead please use the minimum and approximate fields.

Sighting Archive

  • New search and filtering capability

Photo Gallery

  • New ability to search for photos by species


Any issues or questions, please contact Tom Speller: