Herts Autumn Garden Vismig Watch – Week 7 (13th – 19th Oct)

“The Stats” (8pm on 19th Oct)

This Week: Totals vs last week vs same week 2020
Total No of Species 56  ↓ 17  ↓ 10
Total No. of Birds 4,576  ↓ 1,561  ↓ 855


To October 19th: 2020 vs 2021
Total No. of Species 94  3
Total No. of Birds 42,515  ↑ 13,117

Cool westerly winds dominated the first half of the week with stronger, more southerly winds bringing milder and wetter weather towards the latter half of the week.  The west to northwest winds seem to favour winter migrants arriving from northerly and eastern directions, perhaps giving them lift as they head west.

The week started with

Rare birds in Herts 2019 - 2020

The Rare birds in Herts page has been updated with both 2019 and 2020 rarity decisions. Go to Herts Bird Club | Rare Bird Decisions

The page shows records of county rarities which have been assessed by the Herts Bird Club | Herts Rare Birds Panel  since 2008. To be assessed a description must be submitted.
There are 23 records of county rarities from 2020 (see list below) which have not been assessed because a description has not been received.

It is never too late to submit a description of a rarity, and descriptions from observers of the records below will be gratefully received and assessed. If accepted, a reference will be made in future Bird Reports.

To submit a description please complete the Herts Rarity description form and email it to birdrecorder@hnhs.org along with a photo of the bird if available.
If you need any help completing the description form, or have any other questions with respect to Herts Rare birds, please email birdrecorder@hnhs.org

Herts Autumn Garden Vismig Watch – Week 6 (6th – 12th Oct)

"The Stats" (8pm on 12th Oct) 

This Week: Totals vs last week vs same week 2020
Total No. of Species  73   ↑ 5   ↑ 18
Total No. of Birds  6,137   ↑ 1,972   ↑ 4,098


To Oct 12th 2021 vs 2020
Total No. of Species  94   ↑ 6
Total No. of Birds  37,756   ↑ 13,789


While westerly winds dominated for much of the week a spell of easterlies over the weekend combined with mild weather was a welcome boost to garden vismig.  This week compared to the same week last year saw 18 more species recorded taking the total for the Autumn Garden Vismig Watch to 94 begging the question of whether 100 species can be reached?

It was certainly a busy week as

The Herts 48-hr Autumn Garden Watch 2021 – Winners Announced

This last weekend saw the second Herts Autumn Garden Watch but this time run over the whole weekend.  While there were some very heavy periods of rain and a stubborn south-westerly wind a wide variety of birds were recorded with evidence of autumn departures and arrivals too.

With many people away seeking rarities further abroad, it was a select few who participated, in search of those elusive bonus points.  Just one garden managed to tick the ‘Big Three’ – Grey Heron, Cormorant & Canada Goose – while all gardens recorded at least 4 species of tits.

Herts Autumn Garden Vismig Watch – Week 4 (22nd – 28th Sep)

“The Stats” (8pm on 28th)

This Week: Totals vs last week vs same week 2020
Total No. of Species  66  ↓8  ↑ 1
Total No. of Birds  5,269  ↓ 4,9,46  ↑ 1,993


To September 28th 2021 vs 2020
Total No. of Species  83  ↑ 6
Total No. of Birds  27,308  ↑ 8,823


Autumn creeps on and with prevailing south to westerly wind flows the last week has felt cooler and damper.  From Monday the breeze picked up and