One way of making your birding count in 2021 is to add a grid reference to the records that you submit to the Herts Bird Club.

In 2020 just over 40% of submissions to the website had a grid reference, and these records allowed the creation of the attached map which shows all of the identified 1km squares, giving us a good idea where our records came from. Accurate locations, ideally provided by six-figure grid references, also allow others to see birds that you have found.

Grid references are added to records on the record submission page, either by clicking the “Get Grid Ref” button and using the map, or by manually entering into the Grid Reference box. We appreciate that working out a grid reference is not easy, and so recommend downloading one of the many free apps for smartphones that can provide an instant grid reference for your location whilst out in the field.

We hope that with more grid references, we will be able to produce more accurate distribution maps of our records including at species level, especially for those species whose status is changing rapidly in Hertfordshire.

Best wishes for 2021 and please comply with government guidelines on COVID whilst out birding.