The Hertfordshire Naturalist 2023 was published and circulated to HNHS members in November 2023 (Transactions of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society, Vol. 55 (1) pp. 1-64

Contents – A revised checklist of the spiders of Hertfordshire (Arachnida, Araneae) (David Carr)

Macroinvertebrate habitat associations in Hertfordshire chalk streams and their role in river restoration appraisal (Judy England, Brishan Finn Leeming, Bethan A. Finn Leeming, Chloe Hayes & Tim Johns)

A previously unidentified Hertfordshire Puddingstone boulder in the churchyard of St Mary's Church, Stocking Pelham (Michael E. Howgate)

Hertfordshire Puddingstone boulders exhibiting prominent fossil root holes (Michael E. Howgate)

Ancient woodland inventory update for Hertfordshire (Emily Baker & Anne Rowe)

A few notes on identification of woodland species in the vegetative state (Alla Mashanova)

The distribution and zonation of episodic plant species at Wilstone Reservoir: the correlation between population emergence and the exposure of the diaspore bank (Astrid Biddle)

Taken in Hertfordshire (photo feature) (Paul Gymer)

Obituaries – David Nellist (David Utting), Nigel Agar (Mick Hart - credited in error to Martin Ketcher)