The Hertfordshire Naturalist 2019 (Transactions of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society, Vol. 51 (1), pp. 1-84) was mailed to members in September 2019. 

Copies are classed as a benefit of HNHS membership. Non-members interested in obtaining a copy should contact the HNHS Secretary.


Recorders' reports on:

Beetles (Trevor James)
Ants (Phil Attwell)
Butterflies (Andrew Wood)
Geology (Michael Howgate)
Fish (David Johnson)
Bryophytes (Agneta Burton)

Bringing back the Bulbourne (Nancy Braume, Caroline Court, Judy England and Jack Herriot)

Did we bring back the Bulbourne? (Brishan Finn Leeming, Lukasz Dobbek, Judy England, Angela Gurnell, Nancy Braume and Geraldene Wharton)

A geological report of the chalk mine / bat hibernaculum at Pinks Cottages, Shenley, Hertfordshire  (Michael E. Howgate

The arrival of the Demon Shrimp in Hertfordshire (Tim Johns, Judy England and Colette Sales)

Observation of rapid colour change in the spider Floronia bucculenta (Clerck 1757) in Hertfordshire (Christopher Benton)

The impacts of recreation on our chalk rivers: River Mimram, Hertfordshire (Ronni Edmonds-Brown)

Bryan Leonard Sage (1930-2018) (Trevor James)

Trevor James wins national biological recording award (David Utting)

HNHS Management Committee Report for the year April 2018-March 2019 (including accounts)

Members of the HNHS Management Committee

Please note that the wrong volume number is given on the front cover of this issue. The reference (correctly shown on the inside pages) should be: Transactions of the Hertfordshire Natural History Society, Volume 51, Part 1, September 2019, ISSN 0375 3409