The Hertfordshire Naturalist 2014

The 2014 issue of The Hertfordshire Naturalist was published August 2014, including reports from the country wildlife recorders for all major species groups (except for birds) and other articles about the wildlife and habitats of the county.


Report of the HNHS Management Committee for 2013 and statement of accounts,
HNHS County Wildlife Recorders, contact details

Recorders? reports:
  • Lichens Andrew Harris
  • Flora Trevor J. James
  • Amphibians, reptiles and mammals Jenny Jones
  • Caddisflies and stoneflies Ronni Edmonds-Brown
  • Dragonflies Roy Woodward
  • Moths Colin Plant
  • Butterflies Andrew Wood
  • Beetles Trevor J. James

Tribute to Arthur Goodall 1932-2014

HNHS Flickr photograph showcases on pages 126, 134 and 150

  • Anthony Oliver - Half a century nurturing nature: celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Hertfordshire & Middlesex Wildlife Trust, page128
  • Nicholas Pierpoint - Observations on the Bourne Gutter 2014, pages136-140
  • Ashley Lydiate and Chantal V. Helm - A soil quality comparison from agriculture to afforestation in Heartwood Forest, pages 141-149
  • Paula Shipway - The lichens of Tring Park, page 152
  • Nina Mayes - Distribution of Baetidae mayfly species in Hertfordshire?s rivers since 2000, p156
  • Phil Attewell, The Brown Ant Lasius brunneus behaving as a pavement ant, page 158
  • Alan Reynolds - Water Voles return to Amwell Nature Reserve, page 160
  • Edward Darling - Farming with wildlife in mind, page 161
  • Ian Carle - Hertfordshire Environmental Records Centre, Report 2013- 2014, page 163
  • Revd. Tom Gladwin - The centenary of Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913), page 164
  • Steven Lane - Cover story: Common Frog, page 168
  • Panshanger Park open to the public, page 168

Members of the Management Committee, (inside back cover)

Copies were distributed to all current members of the Society in September 2014. Copies are still available please contact our Secretary, David Utting at