The Hertfordshire Bird Report 2017 was sent out to members on 22 November 2018.

As usual the report is packed with photographs and information about all our birds both common and rare. It includes a review of each of the 198 species recorded in Hertfordshire in 2017 (the same total as 2016), including the first Kentish Plover since 1976, the first Bee-eaters since 1973 and December's Parrot Crossbills, one of the highlights of the year and a new species for the county - read finder Barry Reed's account in the report.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the report not least of all the 770+ observers who sent in records direct to the Bird Club or via BirdTrack.

Copies have been distributed to all current members of the Herts Bird Club. Non-members interested in obtaining a copy should contact the HNHS Secretary.



Guidelines for observers ? a checklist of the birds of Hertfordshire

Review of the year (Clifford Smout)

Systematic list:

  • Mute Swan to Shelduck (Vicky Buckel)
  • Mandarin to Shoveler (Jenny Sherwen)
  • Red-crested Pochard to Tufted Duck (Clifford Smout)
  • Common Scoter to Black-necked Grebe (David Booth)
  • Honey Buzzard to Osprey (Roy Hargreaves)
  • Water Rail to Bar-tailed Godwit (Martin Searle)
  • Knot to Common Snipe (Dan Fletcher)
  • Little Tern to Artic Tern (Tom Speller)
  • Gulls (Chris Beach)
  • Feral Pigeon to Kingfisher (Phil Buston)
  • Wryneck and woodpeckers (Ken Smith)
  • Kestrel to Ring-necked Parakeet (Tom Speller)
  • Crows (Graham Knight)
  • Goldcrest to House Martin (Steve Hughes)
  • Cetti's Warbler to Whitethroat  (Peter Tallantire)
  • Grasshopper Warbler to Starling (John Yates)
  • Dipper to Wheatear (Paul Lewis)
  • Dunnock to Tree Sparrow (Peter Delaloye)
  • Wagtails and pipts (Tony Blake)
  • Finches and buntings (Murray Orchard)

WeBS counts for Hertfordshire in 2017 (Cath Patrick)

Records relating to birds considered to be of captive origin (Clifford Smout)

Herts Rare Birds Panel Report (Mike Ilett on behalf of the Herts Rare Bird Panel)

List of Observers

Bird ringing in Hertfordshire in 2017 (Lynne Lambert)

The Breeding Bird Survey in Hertfordshire in 2017 (Martin Ketcher)

Parrot Crossbills Loxia phtyopsittacus in Broxbourne Woods, December 2017 - a first for Hertfordshire (Barry Reed)

Herts Bird Photo of the Year competition 2017 (Tom Speller)

Herts Bird Club committee and HNHS contacts