By Trevor J James



A must for everyone who enjoys the Hertfordshire countryside and finding wild flowers. Includes over 2000 species of vascular plants, sub-species and hybrids recorded in the county during the Hertfordshire Flora Survey 1987-2005, with distribution maps and comparisons with earlier surveys.

The foreword is by the well-known natural history author and plant expert, Richard Mabey.

Introductory sections describe the history of botanical recording, Hertfordshire's physical make-up - geology, soils, climate and hydrology, the history of our natural landscape; our wild plant habitats; their ecology and changing flora and a brief discussion of alien plants in Hertfordshire.


The species accounts include both English and scientific names, date first recorded, distribution maps by tetrad (for species with more than eight records), analysis of status and changes since the publication of the 1967 Flora by John Dony (including 634 of the 1967 distribution maps for comparison).

Appendices cover a Hertfordshire Plant Red Data list, a selected, bibliography and sources and a brief guide to places of botanical interest to visit in Hertfordshire.

The author, the late Trevor James, was the HNHS and BSBI recorder for vascular plants in Hertfordshire renowned for his in-depth knowledge of both flora and other aspects of its natural history.