By Alan Reynolds, Tom Gladwin & Christine Shepperson



Published by Hertfordshire Natural History Society in April 2008
Paperback, B5 size, 144 pages, colour photos, maps and flight charts
Original cover price £22

The book covers all 19 species of Dragonfly found in the county at the time of publication. Each is described and illustrated with a colour photo, distribution map and the time of year when it can be seen in Hertfordshire.

The information is based on a survey over six years from 2000-06 by volunteers who visited almost every pond and stream in the county looking for dragonflies. The 'Top Ten' sites to visit in Hertfordshire where 16 or more breeding species can be seen are described in detail with maps and colour photos. So for the first time you will have accurate information on where and when you are likely to see a particular species. Also included are details of all rare migrants dragonflies found in Hertfordshire since 1975, with colour photos and a history of all species recorded in the county from 1835-2006.

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