As reports arrive of Hertfordshire's first dragonfly sightings for 2023, county recorder Roy Woodward has updated the HNHS website with tetrad maps for every species located during the 2022 season.

These, memorably, include the first records of Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies in Herts for three-quarters of a century. They were the highlight of the first year of a six-year county-wide survey of dragonflies set to continue until 2027.

The updated web pages include information about the current status, and flight periods for every species recorded in Hertfordshire together with habitat notes and information on identification and potential 'confusion' species.

Roy wants to collect as many records of dragonflies and damselflies as possible during the survey period. These can be submitted via the website or using iRecord. He is also keen to provide opportunities for those who want to learn more about finding and identifying dragonflies in the field.

Photo: Scarce Blue-tailed Damselfly at King's Mead in August 2022 © Barry Reed