We are pleased to announce that the introductory offer on our brilliant new book, Beetles of Hertfordshirehas been extended a by a month to Friday 10 August.

However, demand for Trevor's James's ground-breaking book has already exceeded expectations, and we need to re-stock. This means that although we will continue to accept orders at the introductory price of ?25 (plus ?10 p&p if required), no further copies will be available for mailing or collection until after 23 July

Written by Trevor James, the county recorder,  the book provides an account of all 2,483 species of beetle so far recorded in Herts. Its publication marks the first time that all the beetles reliably recorded in a UK county have been covered in such a comprehensive way ? making it a landmark for future studies.

Published in hardback in the same, attractive A4 format as our five existing wildlife atlases, the book?s 496 pages include 750 distribution maps  and more than 600 colour photographs.

The special introductory price of ?25 (plus p&p)  provides a huge ?20 saving on the recommended retail price. Click 'read more' for further details, including two launch events.

In announcing our special offer we gratefully acknowledge generous financial support that the book has received from the Hertfordshire-based Royal Entomological Society and from private donors.

We are delighted that the Royal Entomological Society has kindly agreed to host one of two launch events for the book:

  • 6.30pm, Tuesday 31 July at the Royal Entomological Society headquarters, The Mansion House, Chiswell Green Lane, St Albans AL2 3NS

A daytime launch event will take place by kind permission of RSPB Rye Meads:

  • 12.30pm, Friday 10 August at the Rye Meads Visitor Centre, Rye Road, Hoddesdon, SG12 8JS.

Both events will provide and opportunity to buy the book, or collect a pre-ordered copy without incurring the ?10 charge for postage and packing.

The background chapters in Beetles of Hertfordshire provide a detailed overview of the different beetle habitats across the county, as well as assessments of which species are increasing, decreasing or have become extinct. The book considers beetles in the context of nature conservation and their incidence as indicators of wider ecological health. It also describes key sites in Hertfordshire where different species of beetle can be found.?

It will delight not only experts but all those interested in natural history in Hertfordshire and beyond who wants to learn more about this intriguing group of species.

Trevor James, the author, has been the County Recorder for beetles (Coleoptera) in Hertfordshire for 35 years. His book draws on his own, extensive fieldwork and studies, combined with a thorough review of historical records and the work of many other contributors. Trevor is the author of Flora of Hertfordshire (2009), also published by HNHS, a member of the HNHS Management Committee and was the 2015 receipient of the Society's 1875 Award for "an outstanding Hertfordshire naturalist".