Hertfordshire Natural History Society

Wed 23 Feb 2022 (8pm)

The postponed Gerald Salisbury Memorial Lecture will be given online (Zoom link tbc) by Dr Haydon Bailey, Chair of Hertfordshire Geological Society, a chalk field studies specialist and stratigraphy expert who also lectures at Birmingham University.

His lecture will consider what it would have been like in Hertfordshire a hundred million years ago and how it has changed over subsequent significant periods in geological time.  In particular, he will describe the formation  of the county's chalk scenery and the impact of the Ice Age on its landscape and natural history.

Questions Haydon plans to address include  'How deep was the Chalk Sea (and how warm was it when you went for a quick dip)?' , 'Who or what made the Hertfordshire Puddingstone?' and 'Where was Hertfordshire's coastline in the Eocene period and what was living there?'.

He will also bring the 100 million year story up to date by considering the implications of climate change for the Chiltern region and even – time permitting – the impact of the HS2 railway line.

The Gerald Salisbury Memorial Lecture is organised jointly by the Welwyn Natural History Society and Hertfordshire Natural History Society and normally takes place in November. It had been hoped to hold the lecture at Welwyn Civic Centre. However, uncertainty concerning the outbreak of omicron variant Covid led to a decision (in January) to hold the lecture online.


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