Fri 13 Sep 2019 (7.15pm - 8.30pm)

Highfield Park, St Albans

The event will begin with a short talk at the Highfield Park Visitor Centre. Following the talk, attendees will have the opportunity to go on a guided bat walk in the park to put what has been learned into practice. This event is suitable for adults, as well as accompanied children who are looking to learn more about the natural world.

You will need to book a ticket in order to attend, because space is limited at the Highfield Park Visitor Centre.

No equipment is needed, but please wear suitable clothing and sturdy footwear, and bring a torch.

There is a ?4 charge to attend, which will be used to support the goals of this charity-run park.

Book your place here: https://www.highfieldparktrust.co.uk/calendar/

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