An outstanding Hertfordshire naturalist

Kerry Robinson (pictured left) is a self-taught, talented all-round naturalist whose detailed knowledge of fungi  ? and special expertise in microfungi ? have brought her national and international recognition.  She has discovered more than 25 species of fungi new to Britain as well as a species of Inocybe that awaits verification for being new to science.

Kerry has contributed papers on fungi and rusts for The Mycologist and The Field Mycologist journals. Among the several thousand fungi species she has found in Hertfordshire,  she estimates that she has recorded more that  800 species had been found in Gobions Wood in the south of the county, alone.

June Crew (pictured right), who presented the 1875 Award at the HNHS 2018 Autumn Meeting, recalled how Kerry was once able to respond to a request from the BBC Natural History Unit for a particular slime mould ("one that looks a little like spilt custard").  She obliged the broadcasters by finding a good specimen, which was rushed by courier to Bristol and filmed using a time-lapse photography to show how it changed shape.

Kerry, who lives in Baldock, has also become celebrated for leading Sunday walks in search of fungi, while sharing her expert knowledge with others.