An outstanding contributor to natural history in Hertfordshire

For 30 years Ted Fletcher made an outstanding contribution to the Hertfordshire Bird Club and Hertfordshire Natural History Society.

He first joined the Bird Club and contributed records in 1987. By 1990 he was writing the 'pipits to warblers' section of the systematic list for the annual Hertfordshire Bird Report and in 1991 took over as Secretary to the Club. He was secretary to the Herts Rare Birds Panel from 1993 until 2013, drawing on his interest and experience of British rarities and his worldwide travel.

Ted's major achievement was as Editor of the Hertfordshire Bird Report from 1998, ensuring a high-quality journal was produced every year.  In almost 20 years he willingly embraced many of the developments and changes in both the bird and publishing world. He had the great satisfaction last November of publishing the 2014 report within ten months of the end of the year. He was on target to do the same at the time of his sudden death in September 2016, just days after completing the text for the 2015 Report. Ted was also co-author of The Breeding Birds of Hertfordshire, published in 1993.

Ted's posthumous 1875 Award was presented to his partner, Marilyn Coupland, at the Society's Autumn Meeting by Peter Delaloye, chairman of the Hertfordshire Bird Club.

An obituary notice appeared in the 2015 Hertfordshire Bird Report. Further tributes appeared on the HNHS website.