An outstanding contributor to natural history in Hertfordshire

Linda and her husband Ken were honoured together as recipients of the 1875 Awards for 2016. They became involved in the HNHS shortly after arriving in Hertfordshire in 1973. During their 43 years in the county they played a major role in shaping and developing the Society. 

Linda was editor of the Bird Report from 1985-1989 and served on 'Council' (subsequently the Management Committee) from 1995, becoming Membership Secretary in 2000, and then became Secretary to the Society in 2006. In 2007 the Society took the bold decision to produce the moths atlas and dragonflies atlas and Linda played a central role in working with the authors to complete their texts, as well as organising the design, printing, publication and sales of the books for HNHS. This continued with the subsequent landmark books on the flora, geology and birds. In 2008 the Society decided to overhaul and update the websites for the Society and the Bird Club and Linda took on the role of webmaster.

Ken and Linda have been tireless in their championing of the core value of the Society ? the recording of the county?s flora and fauna. To that end they worked together, monitoring the woodlands of Hertfordshire and the birds they support. With the initiation of the Heartwood Forest project in 2008 they saw an opportunity for a major monitoring project and worked with the Woodland Trust and other volunteers to survey and then monitor wildlife as the woodland was created and developed. In recognition of that work they were given national awards in 2015.

In the summer of 2016, they moved from their home in Welwyn Garden City to Chichester in West Sussex accompanied by the deep gratitude of everyone involved in the Society and warm good wishes for the future.