The tables below give the status of records submitted to the Herts Rare Birds Panel that are being or have been assessed. Where records are indicated as not proven, the Panel felt that for most cases the species was probably the one claimed but that insufficient evidence was available to be 100 per cent sure of the identification and only occasionally that a misidentification had been made.

The species on the Hertfordshire list needing descriptions are shown here and should be reported using the Herts rarity description form.

Last updated on 18 October 2021. 

Information about the current panel members can be viewed here.

Key: C = record in circulation, A = record accepted, NP = record not proven.


Date Species Location Status Observer Comment
25 December Caspian Gull Tyttenhanger GP NP    
24 November Rough-legged Buzzard Therfield Heath A Laurence Drummond/
Martin Johnson/
Murray Orchard
15 November Great Skua Wilstone Reservoir A David Bilcock  
20 October Great Grey Shrike Heartwood Forest A Yves Gisseleire  
14 October Woodlark Puckeridge C    
10 October Great White Egret Woodoaks Farm C    
8 October Woodlark Wormley C    
2 October Ring-necked Duck Wilstone Reservoir A Ian Williams Male.
12 September Wryneck Buntingford A Eddie McHugh  
2 September Wryneck Norton Green A Darrel Bryant  
1 September Wryneck Batford A Darin Stanley  
31 August Wryneck Hitchin A Ruth Cotterill  
17 August Great White Egret St Albans C    
16 August Red-backed Shrike Sandon C    
10 August Montagu?s Harrier Colney Heath C    
6 August Montagu?s Harrier Cottered C    
6 August Montagu?s Harrier Norton Common NP    
2 August Marsh Warbler Marsworth Reservoir A Katherine Bennett  
25 July Pectoral Sandpiper Startop?s End Reservoir A tbc  
17 June Montagu?s Harrier Wallington A Aubrey Worboys  
11 June Marsh Warbler King?s Meads A Simon Knott  
21 May Honey Buzzard Wadesmill  C    
17 May Common Crane Collier?s End  C    
12 May Roseate Tern Amwell NR  A Ade Hall  
11 May Wood Warbler Standalone Farm  C    
8 May Goshawk Rye Meads  A Tony Spall  
7 May Wood Warbler Fairlands Valley Park  A Ron Baber  
25 April Wood Warbler Berkhampstead Common  NP    
22 April Willow Tit Braughing  C    
17 April Wood Warbler Nomansland Common  A Dan Forder  
13 April Bluethroat Amwell NR  A Ian Rose, Darren Bast, et al  
6 April Goshawk Benington  C    
4 April Great White Egret Wilstone Reservoir  A Roy Hargreaves  
4 April Great White Egret Royston  C    
17 March Goshawk Bramfield village  C    
8 February Caspian Gull Rye Meads  A Alan Harris  
24 January Rough-legged Buzzard Bramfield  NP    
18 January Ferruginous Duck Fairlands Valley Park  C    
17 January Great White Egret Hemel Hempstead  C    
11 January Goshawk Amwell NR  A Mike Ilett Juvenile.