The tables below give the status of records submitted to the Herts Rare Birds Panel that are being or have been assessed. Where records are indicated as not proven, the Panel felt that for most cases the species was probably the one claimed but that insufficient evidence was available to be 100 per cent sure of the identification and only occasionally that a misidentification had been made.

The species on the Hertfordshire list needing descriptions are shown here and should be reported using the Herts rarity description form.

Last updated on 18 October 2021. 

Information about the current panel members can be viewed here.

Key: C = record in circulation, A = record accepted, NP = record not proven.


Date Species Location Status Observer Comment
17 December Iceland Gull Hilfield Park Res A Steve Murray  
1 December Red-breasted Merganser Tyttenhanger GP A Rupert Evershed  
24 November Eider Hilfield Park Res A Steve Murray  
23 November Cattle Egret Cheshunt A David Hills  
14 November Little Bittern Amwell NR A Bill Last  
5 November Great Skua Wilstone Res A Johne Taylor  
3 November Richards Pipit Wilstone Res A Ian Williams/Graham Higgins  
30 October Yellow-browed Warbler Bowyers GP A Adam Wilson  
17 October Cattle Egret Wilstone Reservoir A Ian Williams  
12 October Yellow-browed Warbler Wilstone Reservoir A   Until 13 October
5 October Shag Startops/Marsworth Reservoirs A   Until 12 October
30 September Gannet Broxbourne Woods A Nick Elmes  
29 September Yellow-browed Warbler Stevenage A Phil Bishop heard
28 September Shag Wilstone Reservoir A Steve Rodwell/ Clifford Smout Until 29 September
25 September Woodlark Panshanger Park A Murray Brown  
20 September Cattle Egret Tyttenhanger GP A Rupert Evershed  
7 August Goshawk Maple Cross NP    
24 June Curlew Sandpiper Tyttenhanger GP A Steve Pearce  
17 May Melodious Warbler Therfield Heath A Anthony Yeats Ringed
17 May Nightjar Shaftenhos End nr Barley A Sarah Bishop  
8 May Hoopoe Hunsdon A Rob Carthy  
6 May Wood Warbler Baldwin's Wood/Faluden Grove A Colin Everett  
30 April Spoonbill Amwell NR A   Present intermittently until 18 May
18 April White Stork High Cross NP    
10 April Cattle Egret River Ver, Sopwell A Rupert Evershed  
9 April Red-breasted Merganser Amwell NR A Neale Hider  
9 April Cattle Egret Amwell NR  A Stuart Fox  
8 April Wood Warbler Stevenage A Chris Bessant  
1 April Common Crane Tyttenhanger GP A Rupert Evershed  
29 March White Stork Amwell NR A Barry Reed  
27 March  Cattle Egret Amwell NR A Barry Reed  
25 March White-tailed Eagle Amwell NR A Barry Reed  
23 March Pink-footed Goose Wilstone Res A Ian Williams  
23 March Common Crane Rye Meads A Tony Spall  
21 February Yellow-browed Warbler Nash Mill, Apsley A   Until 4 March
12 February Iceland Gull Hilfield Park Res NP    
10 February Shag Vanstone Park Garden Centre NP    
24 January Yellow-browed Warbler Amwell NR A Richard Chester-Nash  
11 January Yellow-browed Warbler Tyttenhanger GPs A Rupert Evershed Until 17 January
10 January Cattle Egret Cheshunt A JA Chapman Until 10 March
10 January White Stork Maple Lodge/Stockers Lake A    
9 January  White Stork Tyttenhanger GP A