Since 1875, the Society has published its Transactions – a record of our activities and information, articles and papers on natural history subjects. Together these form a fantastic record of the changing face of the county over the last 145 years. Today we publish the Transactions annually in two parts and send them free to members:

  • The Hertfordshire Bird Report contains a systematic record of all bird species found in the year, papers on birds new to the county and results and analysis of specific studies and survey work;
  • The Hertfordshire Naturalist covers all other wildlife groups, including fungi, flora, dragonflies, butterflies, moths and other invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles and mammals plus reports of the activities of the Society.

The Hertfordshire Bird Report

Editor: Clifford Smout 

The Hertfordshire Bird Report was first published as a separate part of the Transactions in 1980. We take pride in the fact that the Herts Bird Report usually appears less than 12 months after the year whose records it reviews. For further information visit the Herts Bird Club website

The Hertfordshire Naturalist

Editorial team: Agneta Burton, Stuart Warrington (editor), David Utting

We welcome papers based on detailed surveys, experiments, observational studies or historical reviews.

When writing for the Hertfordshire Naturalist please read and follow our instructions for authors. However, we are also happy to advise prospective contributors. If you are interested in contributing please contact us at

searchable archive of all the Society's Transactions since 1875 – excluding the past decade – is available as part of this website.