By Ken Smith, Chris Dee, Jack Fearnside, Ted Fletcher and Robin Smith


Hardback - 316 pages - published 1993
Original cover price £22

This book describes the distributions of breeding birds in the county and compares them with similar data collected 20 years earlier. It is the result of over 7600 hours of fieldwork by 250 local birdwatchers and it reveals the extent of the changes that have occurred in our breeding birds, often un-noticed by even the most ardent birdwatcher.

Each species is featured on a double-page spread with two maps, giving the distributions in 1967-73 and 1988-92, accompanied by text describing the species and the reasons for any changes and a specially commissioned line drawing by a local artist. In addition a further 25 rare, extinct or colonising species are featured.

The important bird habitats in the county and the changes that have occurred over the last 20 years are described. For the first time the changing patterns of agricultural land-use are described and related to changes in bird distributions.

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