This calendar has been compiled by the Hertfordshire Natural History Society (HNHS) on behalf of natural history organisations in Hertfordshire. The type of event is colour coded: Outdoor events, Indoor meetings.

Wed 22 Nov 2017 (8pm)

Gerald Salisbury Memorial Lecture – 'Tewin Orchard and a Life of Badgers'

Michael Clark, the distinguished Hertfordshire natural historian and author, will speak on 'Tewin Orchard and a Life of Badgers'. He is the author of Badgers (Whittet Books) one of the most popular and authoritative studies of the species, which was re-published this year in a revised edition. He is also the author of Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles of Hertfordshire, published by Hertfordshire Natural History Society in 2001.

Organised by: Hertfordshire Natural History Society

31st October 21st November 12th December

Mosses and liverworts in orchards

Three field meetings are planned this autumn (usually morning to mid-afternoon) to record bryophytes in orchard habitats (on the trees and their surroundings) and there will be further meetings in the spring.:
Tuesday 31st October (at Tewin Orchard)
Tuesday 21st November (site to be confirmed)
Tuesday 12th December (site to be confirmed)

Please contact Agneta Burton ( for details of the meetings and to be added to the circulation list for bryophyte excursions.
Handlens essential (x10 or x20) and probably useful, if you have a copy, British Mosses and Liverworts a field guide published by and available from the British Bryological Society.”

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