Hertfordshire Natural History Society

Sat 13 Jul 2019 (Daytime)

Hertfordshire Geological Society in partnership with Hertfordshire Natural History Society is organising a symposium commemorating the work of Prof. John Catt, the contributing editor of Hertfordshire Geology and Landscape, who died in December 2017. The full-day conference will take place at the University of Hertfordshire's field station at Bayfordbury near Hertford.

Further information, including booking arrangements, will be posted here when available.

The presentations will include: 

Dr. Andy Farrant (BGS) – Hertfordshire Chalk

Rob Sage and Ilias Karapanos (Affinity Water) - Hydrogeology

Chris Green - Puddingstone

Clive Edmonds (Peter Brett Associates) – Sink Holes

Clive Maton & Tim Atkinson – Little Heath

Stewart Bryant – Hertfordshire Archaeology

John Hollis and Steve Hallet – Hertfordshire Soils

Organised by: Hertfordshire Natural History Society View full programme