With the peak of breeding season approaching fast, and lockdown continuing, the Herts Bird Club would like to encourage more breeding records from gardens and daily exercise walks.

A number of species are under-recorded in terms of breeding – the table below shows the number of confirmed breeding locations from the 2018 Bird Report for a variety of common species.  Can we do better in 2020?

Records of all breeding (possible, probable or confirmed) species are welcome, but we would particularly like all breeding records submitted for four species: Starling, House Sparrow, Swift and House Martin.  These species are red or amber-listed but nest in close proximity to us, and so now is an excellent time to start recording them, particularly on local exercise walks.

Please submit via the website using the breeding codes from the Breeding Status drop-down menu. Use the Comment field to add additional notes including street names which would be useful.   Updates and prompts as to the best time to record certain species will be provided on the website and via Twitter.

Swift records can also be submitted using the RSPB’s new Swift Mapper app

It won’t be possible to display all breeding records on the website, but a selection will be published at the discretion of the moderators




***Please at all times comply with government guidelines on restriction of movement in relation to COVID-19***


Confirmed breeding locations – 2018 Herts Bird Report / 2020 as 7am 31st May

We have received 537 separate confirmed breeding records in 2020 so far with 76 species proved breeding.

Thank you to all those who have submitted records to the website. Please keep it up!

  2018  2020    2018  2020 
Lapwing    3    1 Chiffchaff    4    6
Stock Dove    3    4 Lesser Whitethroat    2    1
Collared Dove    5    3 Whitethroat    6    4
Swift    4    2 Goldcrest    5    1
Great Spotted  Woodpecker   19    11 Wren    7    5
Green Woodpecker    8    4 Nuthatch    5    11
Jay    2    - Treecreeper    2    4
Magpie    7    5 Starling   11   56
Jackdaw    5   18 Robin   12   27
Carrion Crow   13    9 House Sparrow    7   33
Coal Tit    4    9 Dunnock    2    11
Swallow    3    3 Yellow Wagtail    5    1
House Martin   12    4 Pied Wagtail    7    5
Willow Warbler    0    1      

















Selected other species, confirmed breeding locations in 2020 

Mute Swan   7     Ring-Necked Parakeet   1    
Great Crested Grebe   6     Kestrel   1
Canada Goose   6 Skylark   2
Greylag Goose   5 Blackcap   5
Moorhen   8 Grey Wagtail   4
Coot   9 Chaffinch   5
Red Kite   5 Goldfinch   7
Sparrowhawk   1 Greenfinch   4
Little Owl   1 Yellowhammer   1
Tawny Owl   6 Reed Bunting   3 

Selected list of species not yet proved breeding

Gadwall Cuckoo
Tufted Duck Barn Owl
Red-legged Partridge Reed Warbler
Grey Partridge Spotted Flycatcher
Pheasant Marsh Tit
Hobby Jay
Little Ringed Plover Linnet
Common Tern Corn Bunting