Since the first Action for Swifts article was published earlier this year, local swift enthusiast Vicky Duxbury has been busy organising events and spreading the word to raise awareness of the decline in swift numbers. 

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If you are interested helping in whatever way you can please get in touch with Vicky at

Vicky Duxbuy:

"A number of people have been in touch from across Hertfordshire, including Hertford, Welwyn, St Albans, Stevenage and Rickmansworth to let me know about nesting swifts or places where they formally nested; and many have added records to the RSPB swift surveyor the BTO Bird Tracker website. 

Others have mentioned nest sites which have been recently lost or are threatened, and I have signposted them to template letters on the Swift Conservation webpage. These can be used to lobby local councils to support the creation of new nest sites, and to protect existing nest sites especially in the upgrading of publicly owned buildings.  Edward Mayer of Swift Conservation advocates that the most effective approach is always from local people/ voters rather than a national body. Many nests are in older buildings from the 50s/60s and its certainly worth writing to those who manage them to make them aware. This may be a local council or housing association

It's been heartening to hear of the great work by some Hertfordshire Swift enthusiasts including Julie Wakefield in St Albans who has written to over 60 of her neighbours and persuaded a local vicar to put up boxes on the vicarage.

Over the past few months in Tring we have provided information for houses & buildings where swifts are known or suspected to be nesting in order to raise awareness of the ways in which the nest sites can be protected; and we will continue to survey & record sites in Tring.  We held a Swift promotional stall at the Spring Fayre and held a Swift Talk and Walk on June 19th when approx. 35 people attended. Promotion about Swifts on Springwatch and BBC Breakfast together with tweets from Chris Packham no doubt helped to promote this. As a result several people have committed to erecting a total of 12 boxes in a number of locations across the County; and the High St Baptist Chapel in Tring have already got their box up whilst they had scaffolding. Lots of people have expressed an interest in helping further and we will be holding a get together in a month or so to discuss the next step. We will be promoting the activities on the Wild Tring Facebook page and webpage."